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asm hillary

Andrea S. Mullen, DVM and her cat Hillary

Veterinary housecalls are NOT a thing of the past. Dr. Andrea Mullen combines the personalized tradition of the old-school housecall with all the modern conveniences when she brings her custom designed hospital on wheels to your home to treat your pet. In the tradition of “All Creatures Great and Small,” Dr. Mullen assesses and treats her patients in the comfort of their homes–no “back room” here.  Dr. Mullen is and always will be a dedicated house-call veterinarian, bringing more than 20 years of experience to your living room to improve the life of you and your pet.  By bringing the veterinary hospital to the pet’s home, stress is reduced for both the pet and the owner. The fully-equipped LaBoit hospital can be driven to the owner’s door, eliminating the stress and risk associated with waiting rooms and travel. This is the ideal treatment for companion animals who suffer stress-induced reactions, including vomiting and diarrhea, from a “visit to the vet.” Scheduling at-home veterinary care reduces owners’ stress by eliminating transportation difficulties and scheduling inconveniences.Vetsource_image

Dr. Mullen sees no more than five clients in a day, enabling her to provide the kind of personal service which is the hallmark of Mullen’s Mobile Veterinary Service. By coming to the pet’s home, Dr. Mullen is able to assess the total environment of both the pet and its owner and develop a relationship that goes beyond the exam room. In fact, Mullen’s Mobile Veterinary Service has no exam rooms. Clients are able to see all of the facilities and, unless there are unusual circumstances, can watch treatments administered — there is no “back room.”

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